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An off-plan property is a property under construction that has been set aside for sale before completion. Several developers across Dubai are building well-appointed off-plan properties to offer the general public stunning views of the UAE’s beaches and landscapes. Buying a property off-plan at a low-interest rate will generate a profit when the property is sold or rented, as the property’s value is expected to appreciate over time until the actual project is completed.

If you want to invest in real estate in Dubai, off-plan projects in Dubai are a popular solution due to their many advantages. But there are also risk factors. Off-plan property refers to a real estate sold before it is built or under construction. The buyer purchases the property based on plans and specifications provided by the developer, and the property is typically not completed until several months or even years after the sale. Off-plan properties can include apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes. Purchasing a home or unit before construction is complete is known as off-planning—final shape construction and sketching.

Payment details for Off-Plan Properties

Unplanned properties usually involve full repayment over several years, around 5-7 years, or even 20 years or more. With a small deposit, you can book an off-plan property in the form of an apartment, townhouse, or villa. 5% to 20% of total power. However, keep in mind that the cost of this initial deposit may vary from developer to developer depending on the project.

Find Off-Plan Properties in prime locations in Dubai

Many people visit Dubai every year, so choose properties like villas for sale in Dubai that are always in high demand, like tourists. Evaluate the future potential of your property as Dubai is a changing and dynamic city. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of investing in off-plan real estate in Dubai.

Benefits of Off-Plan Properties

  • A low initial deposit gives you a great opportunity to save money and pay installments for years to come.
  • Reviewing the plan and estimated market value when buying a home gives you more options for off-plan properties than off-the-shelf products.
  • As a result, the return on investment (ROI) is likely to be higher. Also take a look at these luxury Villas for Sale in Palm Jumeirah.

Let’s explore the best unplanned real estate projects in Dubai for 2023.


The Emaar name resonates around the world for the highest quality eco-friendly lifestyle and community projects. Emaar Properties is also known for delivering projects on time and he is considered one of the best real estate developers. His list of unscheduled Emaar properties in Dubai is huge.

Some of Emaar’s notable unplanned projects in Dubai include:

  • Dubai Hills Estate
  • lime plantation
  • Emaar South
  • Arab Ranch III
  • The Valley and many more


When it comes to the luxury real estate market, DAMAC Properties has dealt with all types of properties in the UAE since his 2002. Residential, Commercial and Recreational.

Off-plan properties:

  • DAMAC Lagoon
  • Beverly Hills Drive
  • Silver Springs at Damac Hills
  • Bel Air, Trump State, etc.


Nakheel has added nearly 300 kilometers of his to Dubai’s original 70 kilometers of coastline with a major waterfront project. This provided a great opportunity for further development of this property.

Nakheel has turned Dubai into an amazing city with many unique projects such as the Jumeirah Islands, Jumeirah Park and Jumeirah Village.

Off-plan properties:

  • Jumeirah Park Homes
  • Jabel Ali Village
  • Tilal Al Furjan Villas
  • Jumeira Park Villa Plot and more


FAM Properties is a real estate agency based in Dubai that specializes in helping buyers purchase properties, including off-plan properties. They offer a wide range of properties including apartments, townhouses, and villas in different areas of Dubai. They can assist buyers in finding the right property, negotiating the purchase price, and handling all the legal and administrative aspects of the transaction. Additionally, they can provide additional services such as property management, leasing and property maintenance. They are a trusted agency in Dubai and have a wide network of properties for their clients to choose from.

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