Examples of Construction Technology

There are many examples of construction technology, and they’re not all robots. These innovations are the result of new process improvements and changes to materials. Some of these technologies are just emerging in the construction industry, while others have been around for quite a while. Read on to discover the most exciting innovations in construction technology. Here are a few examples. Hopefully this article will help you decide whether a particular technology is right for you.

Robotics are becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry. Robots can be programmed to do tasks like bricklaying or 3D printing concrete. These innovations save labor and energy on construction sites. Robots can also serve as aids, assisting in tasks that are repetitive and dangerous for humans. MULE robots can help load and unload heavy materials, reducing strain on the human worker while saving them from repetitive injury.

Autonomous heavy equipment is another example of construction technology. These machines can navigate by themselves, guided by GPS, drones, or sensors. These machines can also carry tools and equipment. Eventually, autonomous robots may perform complex tasks without human intervention. This technology is similar to the robots of science fiction. Some of these machines exist today, but they are still a way off from being widely adopted in construction. Another emerging technology is drones, which may soon replace humans on construction sites.

Another example of construction technology involves wearable devices. Smart hardhats will detect if a worker is prone to collisions with construction vehicles. Wearable technology also involves wearing power gloves, which increase worker dexterity and reduce overuse injuries. Smartwatches can also improve worker safety by detecting lone workers, checking them for fatigue, and enabling contact tracing. Exoskeletons for construction workers can also improve safety by using sensors.

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