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Jamendo is an online music platform that connects musicians and fans. It has a huge database of free music, as well as innovative tools to help fans identify the right music. In addition, it offers publishing and licensing services. The website is available in several languages, and there are about 200,000 members of the community.

Jamendo’s mission is to provide a platform for independent artists. They have adopted Creative Commons licenses, which allow artists to share their work legally. Using the platform, artists can upload music, create a fan page, distribute it, and get paid for the songs they make. Using Jamendo’s Licensing service, musicians can gain up to 65% of the revenue generated from licenses sold on the site. Additionally, Jamendo has launched a music forum for artists.

Users can sign up for a free account. Once registered, they can post music, star albums and artists, and un-star artists. Fans can also vote for their favorites and support them through donations. You can even give tips to the artists via PayPal.

Jamendo’s library contains over 75,000 music tracks. Their catalog is divided by genre, country, and more. There are also over 60,000 album reviews written by members. This makes Jamendo an attractive option for both musicians and fans. For the most part, the site does not have advertising. However, they do have a small number of advertisements placed in the audio streams.

In terms of licensing, Jamendo offers the largest music catalogue under a Creative Commons license. Albums on the site are licensed under the Creative Commons By-NC-ND license, which is a non-commercial license that enables sharing of works but does not permit commercial use. If the music you are downloading is incompatible with a CC license, it will be identified and discarded.

In addition to the CC license, Jamendo gives users access to a huge library of over 40,000 musicians from more than 150 countries. This includes artists offering quality music. Despite its focus on indie music, Jamendo has a variety of genres and styles, and you can even find albums featuring just one song.

If you want to download a song, click on the purple speech bubble button. This will take you to the page where you can add the music to your playlist. Alternatively, you can use the arrow down to download a single track.

In the past year, Jamendo has gained a loyal community of musicians, fans, and industry experts. Many music lovers have turned to the website in search of free legal music downloads. With more than 500,000 unique visitors a month, the company is a leading digital music service. It also has a growing music forum, a sophisticated tools to help fans identify music, and a large library.

Compared to the other music sites, Jamendo has a unique and interesting philosophy. They believe that any artist has the right to share their work, and they do not impose usage limits on their customers. Unlike stock music distributors, Jamendo also gives artists a fair chance to earn money.

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