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The Most Volatile Cryptocurrency in 2021

What will be the most volatile cryptocurrency in 2021? You might be surprised to hear the answer. Bitcoin was the most volatile cryptocurrency in 2018, but what will happen in 2021? Here are some predictions. Read on to discover which cryptocurrency will be the most volatile in 2021. We hope these predictions are useful and profitable for you! But if you’re still not sure which cryptocurrency to buy, keep reading! We’ll be talking about some of the top cryptocurrencies of 2021!

The biggest cryptocurrency rally of 2021 will be led by Bitcoin and Ethereum. But if you’re looking for a more stable currency, there’s also Stellar. This decentralized international money transfer network has a yearly volatility of 1926%. This makes it one of the most volatile cryptocurrencies of 2021. Unlike Bitcoin, the price of Stellar will rise by over 50% next year. Ethereum is expected to be the most volatile cryptocurrency in 2021, but it has already outperformed the market in the last year.

ShapeShift: This crypto trading platform, which uses the FOX ERC-20 token, will become a decentralized network in mid-2021. After switching to a decentralized model, it gained 300% in a matter of hours. While it’s unlikely that this cryptocurrency will hit 30% in one day, it’s a good bet that it will develop a volatility trend in the next few years. But you may want to hold onto your FOX until the end of 2021 to make sure you’re ready.

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